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Zahnarztpraxis Grindelwald

Categorie : Dentist

  • Adresse : Grundstrasse 19, 3818 Grindelwald
  • Téléphone : +41338534950
  • Site Internet :
  • Zahnarztpraxis Grindelwald à domicile : pas d'information
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Liste des commentaires pour Zahnarztpraxis Grindelwald :

- If you're in Wengen or Grindelwald and you want a root canal (you may be thinking that you'll never want a root canal, but trust me, my friend, on the day that you need a root canal you will also want one), this is the place to be. You could go to Interlaken, but that will take at least half a day, and let's face it, you'd rather be skiing. Dr. Herting is near the Grindelwald Grund station, so you can ski right down there, have your treatment, and then get the train back up to Kleine Scheidegg without loss of time. The clinic is spotlessly clean with all of the latest dentist gadgets, and everyone is friendly and professional - the service is first class. They also speak English, key if you are a tourist. After a terrible night's sleep, I found the whole experience positively restful and I probably would have fallen asleep if it wasn't that every time I started to drift off, my jaw would close a little and I'd be asked to open it again. A couple of notes (correct at the time of writing) : firstly, don't trust google maps to tell you where this place is if you look up Dr. Herting by name. Google the address. If you've walked more than 3 or 4 minutes from Grund, you've screwed up. Secondly, the clinic dœsn't take cards. If your insurance isn't going to pay him directly, bring cash. Lots of cash. (N. B. : There is a cash machine at Grund.) In this life, you get what you pay for. Update* My extremely expensive dentist back in London looked at the x-rays of Dr. Herting's work and pronounced that 'the guy who did this was a real pro  ! '

- Je suis toujours très satisfait du traitement  ! Même si j'ai beaucoup de respect pour les traitements dentaires, je m'y sens très à l'aise. Seulement à recommander  !

- Aide rapide et compétente en cas d'inflammation dentaire aiguë, fortement recommandée !

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